TreoGuard 1.8.13

Toolkit for saving battery life and more on your Treo

TreoGuard is an easy-to-use utility for the Treo 600 and Treo 650 that can play MP3 ringtones, save your battery by turning off the screen during calls, save your hearing by disabling alarms during calls, prevent accidental key presses from answering or ignoring incoming calls, schedule your radio to turn on and off at a specified time each day, and much more.

Prevent accidental key presses from affecting incoming calls

Make sure you don't miss those important calls. TreoGuard can prevent the accidentally answered or ignored calls that come from inadvertent key presses. It can also lock the volume keys to make sure your ringer volume doesn't get accidentally adjusted. If you carry your Treo in a pocket, purse or tight-fitting case, these features are a must.

Save your battery by turning the screen off during calls

Be sure your Treo has power when you need it by configuring TreoGuard to turn your screen off during calls. TreoGuard can automatically turn off the screen after a specified delay or you can choose to toggle the screen off and on at your convenience. The screen can also be automatically turned back on when your call ends, allowing you to confirm that the call has been disconnected.

Easily access phone functions, even while the screen is off

When the screen is off during a call, many of the phone functions can't be easily accessed because the keyboard and volume keys are disabled. TreoGuard solves that problem by allowing you to assign various phone features to the four application buttons. Now you can easily adjust the call volume, mute your call, or hang up when you are finished, all without having to first turn the screen back on.

Let TreoGuard remember to turn wireless mode off or on

No more waking up to a severely drained or dead battery. No more missed calls because you forgot to turn the phone on. TreoGuard remembers to turn your Treo's CDMA or GSM radio on or off at a specific time each day, so you don't have to. With support for multiple on/off times per day, there's no schedule TreoGuard can't keep.

Take control of your important calls with TreoGuard.



TreoGuard 1.8.13

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